In BaggagePets, as specialists in the international transportation of pets and animals, we are official agents of UNITED PETSAFE.

PETSAFE is the specialized pet department of the Airline, UNITED AIRLINES, PetSafe is United’s program specially designed to transport cats and dogs that cannot travel in the cabin.

United  PetSafe offers a service to transport cats and dogs from airport to airport to approximately 300 destinations.

Advantages of UNITED PETSAFE

  • They operate more than 80 custom, air-conditioned vehicles to safely transport pets in all weather conditions.
  • Pets embark at the last moment and disembark at 1st place to avoid any stress.
  • During the flight, pets stay safe and comfortable in pressurized, climate-controlled compartments.

United has specialized centers in NEWARK, CHICAGO and HOUSTON for pets to rest and regain strength for the next flight.
More advantages:

  • Import document management
  • Fast and easy delivery to any airport in the USA, without waiting.
  • Specialized staff for the treatment of your pet