Frauds and scams in animal transport

Estafas en transporte de animales

Frauds and scams in animal transport

There exist cases of scams in animals transport, for example, if you are offered puppies on a website. The swindler, often using a company name, like BaggagePets, asks you to make a payment to a non-trackable account, through Western Union or money order.
Cases like that are most certainly a fraud and are frequent in second hand classified ads.
The professional services of pet transport, such as the ones offered by BaggagePets, will never require a third party payment, you will always be asked to pay directly through our company. Before you make a payment, make sure you contact BaggagePets directly. If you happen to stumble upon a fraud as described above, do not hesitate to inform the police about it in order to prevent this type of activity.

Frauds and scams in animal transport

You should be careful if:

· You are offered a puppy for free, but you have to pay the transport costs

Do not trust anyone who offers you an animal for free, be it a puppy or an adult animal. Independently of where you reside, the person who contacts you will offer to ship the animal, and thus, make money off the shipment, as indeed the pet does not exist.
Be careful and ask for more photos to be sure the animal exists, there are cases where photos used in classified ads are taken from Internet. You can search for the photos on Google and if you find them in other websites, you can suspect that they are false.
The swindlers post their ads on classified ads websites. In many of those websites they are not required to provide tax information or even official identification, and they often use it to avoid being tracked.

· They contact you through Whatsapp or non-official emails

Another reason to suspect is that they use private numbers and not company, likewise, ask for an email and check if you have a profile created in social networks with a history of publications that can prove that it is a real person.
You must make sure that you can locate the seller, either through an ID, an official email or a landline.

· They do not offer you any official invoice with a reference number

This is one of the most important points because it is in transportation where they get money for nothing.
If at the time of passing the transport price, either in the form of a quote or invoice, they do not offer you any proof, proof or invoice number for the contracting of the transport service, do not accept it.

Make sure that behind the transportation there is an official transportation company or a real company that you can locate and with which to contact by phone or email to make sure they will do the service.

And call them to make sure and confirm that the service has been contracted prior to payment.

· They ask for a Western Union payment

If at the time of payment you are asked to make a transfer by Western Union or another postal giro company, be careful because once it is done you will not be able to locate that transfer and they will leave with your money having completed the scam.

· The price for Spanish national transport within the Peninsula is less than 80€

Pet transports must be carried out by professionals. This implies, as a general rule, that the national rate, based on mileage, can cost at least € 80. Be wary of the bargains at very cheap prices because it can be very expensive.

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