Sphinx, Siamese, European, Persian, Exotic… Every breed has its own characteristics, that is why it is necessary to be well informed about all the needed permits, vaccinations, transporter measures and documents in order to transport a cat abroad. We are experts in pet transport so you do not need to worry about anything.

Transporte de Gatos

Transporte de Gatos

Apart from that, we know that the majority of cats are not very fond of travelling, and even less being locked up in a transporter. They get quite stressed with movement, so we always look for a shortest route for you little one. Even on long-haul flights, be it Australia, Latin America, Dubai, the United States, Great Britain or China, we always offer the best conditions. Our job is to offer international cat transport of premium quality. We know they are members of your family so we take care of them as if they were our own. We take best care of your cat, of its health, its food preferences and its comfort. Travelling with BaggagePets is a cat equivalent of first class.

Cat transport

We have been shipping cats for many years and we assure hotels, transporters, food, blankets and all the other details to make the trip happiest for your cat.
We also offer a personalized door-to-door service to any destinations. We take care of all the necessary procedures for both national and international shipping. We can help you choose the right transporter size and all the necessary vaccinations depending on your destination.
You are leaving your pet in the best hands: we are certified for cat transport by international associations – IATA and IPATA – and we can make sure your pet receives the best treatment together with personalized customer service.
We take care of your cat
Additionally, we take care of reviewing all the veterinary requirements of the country of destination. We advise you about what blankets are best to use, what kind of food is advisable, how to organize your pet’s time before the trip, what pheromone sprays can be used to make the cat more relaxed, etc. We always advise against using any type of sedative or muscle relaxing drugs as pressure changes might affect your pet if it is sleeping. Before any trip, you should consult a veterinary to review your little one’s health.
Exotic breed such as Persian, which are brachycephalic, need to be dealt with in a special way, they need a bigger transporter and they cannot fly with all the airlines. Also, the times of the year when the temperatures are highest can be risky for their health. Because of that, we need to make sure to find the best route so that it can fly in the best of conditions. Please visit our Brachycephalic breeds section to learn more.
You can also visit the Animal travellers section to see all the adventure-loving cats that have travelled with us around the world.
Where would you like to take your cat? Get a quote from us for cat transport and enjoy the best prices for the best quality. We love animals and we demonstrate it at any moment.

Iata and Ipata Cetified

Certified by IATA
We are the agents of IATA, the International Air Transport Association which represents 260 airlines around the world. We are also IPATA agents, regulated by the International Pet Air Transport Association.


Do you need to transport your cat?

Do you need to ship your cat?
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