Especialistas en transporte de mascotas

Experts in pet transport

There are a lot of ways of shipping your pet to a different country, but only BaggagePets can guarantee it will arrive in the best of conditions. Not only are we certified by IATA and IPATA and collaborating with the main airlines, but also we are a serious company with qualified workers who have a lot of years of experience working in pet shipments. That is why we know all the details not known by forwarders out of the trade, we are experts in pet transport.

Experts in pet transport

BaggagePets is a professional in pet transport as we have years of experience:
· looking for the best routes
· booking special flights for pets, preparing transporters, revising passports and veterinary requirements, being updated on the border laws for pets between different countries, etc. All these details that not every forwarder knows and can mean a lot of unpleasant surprises your forwarder might refuse to handle. However, we take responsibility for everything and we take care of your little treasure as if it was our own.
If you want to ship your best friend, you can trust our pet transport services. Do not hesitate in contacting us through the contact form on our website.

IATA and IPATA certified

Certified by IATA and IPATA
We are the agents of IATA, the International Air Transport Association which represents 260 airlines around the world. We are also IPATA agents, regulated by the International Pet Air Transport Association.


We love animales!


We know how important your pet is, we also have it, and they are part of the family. That’s why we take care of them as if they were ours. With BaggagePets are in the best hands.

More than 12 years experience


For several years we have transported animals of all races all over the world. We work with the best airlines in animal transports and know the protocols and veterinary requirements of each country. With BaggagePets your little one will be in the best hands.

Do you need to transport your pet?

Give us more details by completing our online form and we will respond as soon as possible with the best route option and all the veterinary requirements necessary for your pet trip to your destination in the best conditions.