Every pet is different and so is every trip. Apart from the personalized tips we give you for your trip, in BaggagePets we can also advise you on what to do before a trip with your pet. That way, the route will be much more comfortable for your pet. Travelling by plane can be stressful, so every detail is important for you pet.
Follow these instructions before a trip with your pet:


Antes de viajar con tu mascota

Before a trip with your pet

Before a trip with your pet

  • Before a trip, it is a good idea, apart from visiting a veterinary to revise all the requirements you need to fulfil, to get a thorough revision of the state of health of your furry friend
  • In the days before the trip, make sure your pet is familiarized with being inside the transporter. You can find some tips on that in the corresponding section.
  • Take it on long walks and play with your pet more than usually to avoid the stress caused by the preparation for the trip. Give it water, but not food, just before the flight.
  • If your pet has a favourite cuddly toy or a blanket, leave it inside the transporter, so that it feels more comfortable.
  • Also, leave a piece of your clothing that smells of you so that it can be calmer.
  • Control food portions the days before boarding
    Remember that it is prohibited to administer tranquillizers, muscle relaxant and other medicines before the flight as the changed in pressure can affect the health of your pet. Only in the most extreme cases, we recommend a little of natural Valerian prescribed by a vet
  • Other than that, there exist synthetic pheromone sprays for cats or dogs which are applied half an hour before the flight. Thanks to those hormones, your pet can be calmer in the transporter, but you always need to consult the veterinary beforehand.
  • Don’t worry about your pet, we will take care of it. From the moment you send us the first message asking for an estimate until it gets home, your furry friend is in the best hands.

If you need to transport your pet, fill our online form and we will give you the best options before trevelling with your animal

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