Baggage Pets has created a list of questions about pet transport frequently asked by our customers:
How do I know if the transporter is right for my pet?
There exist many types of manufactures and measures of cages, but they have to comply some standard characteristics. To find out whether your transporter is adequate for your pet, please consult the How to measure your pet section. There, we explain how to take measure of your pet.
What should the transporter be like?
Not all the transporters are appropriate for travelling. According to the international regulations, the cage should be made of resistant material and be ventilated on four sides. Also, it cannot have any type of defect outside or inside which might hurt the pet. Finally, the door has to be locked correctly, without being able to open from within.
Can my pet eat or drink during the trip?
Yes. Your pet is able to eat and drink during the trip. BaggagePets will provide necessary food and water in each of the recipients of the cage. Also, we add a small water deposit which fill in the recipient automatically.
Where will my pet travel?
Technically speaking, it is “Hall5” (Cargo 5) of any commercial plane. The captain of the plane controls the entrance and exit of your pet and makes sure that the cargo space is adequately pressurized and conditioned for animal travel.
Shall I give my pet tranquillizers?
BaggagePets does not recommend tranquillizers. Changes of pressure and the effects of the medicine can be counter-productive for your pet.
So, how can I make sure my pet relaxes?
We recommend you leave a personal object, such as a blanket, a T-shirt or a jumper inside the transporter so that your pet associates the smell with home. You can find other tips in the section Before the trip with your pet.
What if my vet isn’t familiar with the regulations of the country I’m going to?
Don’t worry, BaggagePets staff will advise you and inform you about any requirements and entry regulations to and from different countries.
These are some of the frequently asked questions in pet transport. Do you have any more? Use our online contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.