Adaptar tu mascota a su nuevo hogar

How to adapt your pet to its new home

t takes time to adapt your pet to it new home, there is a transition period in which it will explore and smell everything to make it familiar and it has to recognize the area. Below, we will give you some tips on how to make it adapt easily.

How to adapt your pet to its new home

1.- No es lo mismo un gato, o un perro que un lagarto

A cat or a dog is not the same as a lizard
Animals that roam around the house freely, like dogs, cats or rabbits are different to the ones which live in a terrariums or cages. The latter can be affected if the temperature or the place they live in has changed. You need to make sure that the conditions, including light, temperature or sounds, are similar. Dogs have to be taken more care of. Cats or rabbits are more independent and they explore the new home better. Also, every pet is different so you need to take this into account.

2.- Cuanto más joven más sencillo

The younger the better
Younger pets take less in familiarizing itself with the new space, they adapt better and their energy levels are higher. Adults or older pets are less used to the change and will be more reluctant, they can even get in low spirits so you need to put more effort to adapt them to its new home.

3.- Dale su tiempo, no lo fuerces

Give it time, don’t push anything
Your pet will discover every corner of the house on its own, let it take its time and don’t force it to go to areas of the house it’s not yet comfortable with. It will demonstrate you which zones it doesn’t want to enter yet. Try to stay home as much as possible the first days to allow it to adapt better. It is possible your pet will

4.- Utiliza sus rutinas

Take advantage of the routines
Arrange space to eat, play and relax so that it makes it feel at home. Try to make it similar to your old home. Then, gradually, make the space bigger. Animals have their routines and you can use them to make them more comfortable exploring the new territory. You can use those elements to create an association with home. For example, it is better if you have its old things in the new house as the smells will be familiar.

5.- Si deja de comer o está desanimado, acompáñale

If it stops eating or you see it in low spirits, keep it company
It may happen that older animals don’t accept the change easily. Make sure you keep it company, take it out to talk around the house, play with it. This way, it will learn new smells and spaces. It will also be helpful if they smell your own smells that they know around the house, in the bed, in the wardrobes or on the sofas.

6.- La adptación comienza en la mudanza

The adaptation starts with the move
Our furry friends are very clever and they will immediately notice that something is different with all the things packed up. Even if we are tense or nervous because of all the work, our pets can feel it. The pet can be even more stressed as it doesn’t comprehend the situation, so it’s not the best idea to scold it or lock it up. It would be great if you can leave it with someone you trust, that way you can avoid the stress caused by the change and adapt your pet to its new home more easily.

7.- Sé positivo y prémialo

Be positive and give treats
It will be a difficult time and it’s possible that your pet’s behaviour won’t be at its best. Give it space and don’t get angry. When it does something right, give it a treat, be it eating from its bowl or doing its necessities.

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