Acostumbrar a tu mascota al trasportín

How to familiarize your pet with the transporter

It takes time to familiarize your pet with the transporter. You have to do it gradually and try to make your pet feel like it is its home. You should not force it to use it. Here are some trick on how to do it:

How to familiarize your pet with the transporter

1.- Cuanto antes tengas el trasportín mejor

The sooner you have the transporter, the better
If you already have one and your little one is used to it, it’s great. If not, we will send you one as soon as possible or buy one yourself in order to familiarize your pet with it. Pay attention if you buy one yourself, it needs to be approved by IATA and have correct measures; if it isn’t adjusted to your pet, it will not be comfortable in it and even it might be denied boarding.

2.- Demúestrale que el trasportín es suyo

Show you pet that the transporter belongs to it
Allow it to smell it. Put a blanket inside so that it invites it to rest inside, put some toys and food inside, play around it, leave it in a place where your pet can see it and use it. You have to show your pet that the transporter belongs to it and that way allow it to familiarize itself with it.

3.- Déjalo montado a la vista, y sin la puerta montada

Don’t put it away, leave it where it can be seen so that your pet can familiarize itself with the transporter. It could be its new bed or play zone. It is a good idea to have it in the living room. Later, when your pet is familiarized with the transporter itself, you can put the door on and try to close it, gradually increasing the time when it’s locked. It is important to make it a progressive process.

4.- No lo fuerces a entrar

Don’t force it in
Animals have to get used to the transporter little by little. If you force your pet at the beginning, it might misunderstand it and think it’s going to the vet or it’s travelling. It won’t like it and it will be more difficult for it to get used to it. The best you can do is to leave it out there without paying too much attention to it, as if it was one more element of your house, or introduce your pet to it little by little with games, food and blankets. Allow it to come closer and investigate it on its own. It has to familiarize itself with the smell and, little by little, it will understand the transporter belongs to it and will use it to play or rest.

5.- Si tiene mucho miedo, hazlo por partes

If it’s very scared, do it little by little
If your pet is scared to come close to the transporter or even runs away from it, maybe it needs a slower adaptation. To do this, take off the top part of the transporter, at least during one week. Put your pet’s blanket inside or leave it a little treat so that it gets used to entering it. Put a food bowl nearby or even inside the transporter to familiarize it with it gradually. After a week or so, when it sees the transporter as something normal, put the top part back again. The next stage is using the door.

6.- Cuando se haya acostumbrado, utiliza la puerta

When it’s familiar with it, use the door
When your pet already enters the transporter, plays inside or sleeps there as if it was another piece of furniture of the house, you should try to close the door. First, install the door and repeat the process of familiarizing your pet with it. Then, try to close it giving it treats and staying close. Don’t leave it inside locked out just yet. Little by little, try going further and further away, trying not to cause stress to your furry friend. Do this for a couple of days for 5 minutes, staying close. Then, go to a different room. Increase the time gradually so that your pet gets used to the transporter.

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