Transporte de razas braquicéfalas

Transporting brachycephalic breeds

Some breeds of animals, like the brachycephalic breeds, need a special treatment, especially in the summer. Those breeds are Pugs, Bulldogs, Pekingeses or Boxers for dogs and Persian or exotic cats. Because they have a flat muzzle, breathing is more difficult for them. For this reason, special measures have to be taken when transporting brachycephalic breeds.

Transporting brachycephalic breeds

1.- El calor les puede afectar especialmente

They are especially affected by heat
Apart from respiratory problems, brachycephalic breeds have also difficulties regulating their body temperature, thus, temperature changes affect them especially.

2.- Necesitan un trasportín espacioso

They need a spacious transporter
Because of their respiratory problems, they need a more spacious transporter than usual. This way, they can move more easily and breathe better as the transporter is better ventilated.

3.- No todas la aerolíneas pueden transportarlo

Not all the airlines can transport them
Many airlines have an embargo on brachycephalic breeds and cannot transport them depending on the temperatures. Others only apply the ban in hottest month of the year.

4.- Pide consejos a tu veterinario

Ask for you vet’s recommendation
As we always say in BaggagePets, if case of any doubt about your pet’s health, you should first consult a trusted veterinary. He knows your animal’s personality and its characteristics as a breed so he can advise you best about the trip. It might be too stressful for your pet.

5.- Evitar dietas con grasa y darle mucha agua

Avoid fat in the diet and give it a lot of water
If you give light food to your pet, its digestion won’t be as long and it will help to maintain proper temperature. Similarly, on hot days it is recommendable to always take water for the animal to make sure it’s hydrated.

6.- No hacer ejercicio en exceso

Avoid excessive exercise
In the time of high heat it is not recommendable for the pet to do a lot of physical exercise as they get tired and might not have enough energy.

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